MDQUADRO offers services at different levels, from concept to turnkey product, following the customer’s specific needs.

The initial know-how, strongly mechanics-oriented, has been extended through the years to include electronics, software development and control strategies: MDQUADRO can now offer complex solutions of integrated design, which is strongly application-oriented.

We provide a global service which includes all aspects of mechatronic design and problem-solving.


Collaboration with firms starts from the identification of a problem or specific need which can’t have an effective commercial solution. Design specifications are then discussed and defined with the customer: characteristics of the machinery, functions, performances, etc.
The next step concerns the definition of the concept or preliminary project proposal. Normally, a few solutions are provided, which can be compared focusing on the technologies used, the advantages and the potential the device can offer.

Detailed Design

Once the concept is approved, the detailed design will be developed, with details about all aspects of the product, from structural to technological and functional/performance. This step requires different design levels – mechanic, electric, pneumatic, sensors – that can be developed in full or only in part, according to the customer’s request. The Detailed Design is complete when the relevant documents are issued: working drawings, assembly schemes, electrical panels, list of components, etc.


The realisation phase consists of the mechanic and electric assembly of the device/line, under the control and supervision of specialised personnel, and it ends up with the first start, which confirms that the assembly has been carried out correctly and the devices are working properly.


This phase includes the development of the control software, HMI, machine logic and the possible interaction with the ERP system. In the perspective of Industry 4.0, MDQUADRO is capable of extending the functionalities of the product by integrating distinctive aspects much sought-after in the industrial digital era.

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