Development of an instrument for the textile field to carry out tests on yarns.
The project was extended from concept phase of the machine up to the realisation of 5 devices.

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Requirements and design specifications

  • Achieve 5 different tests on each yarn with a single instrument.
  • Simultaneously handle 24 types of different yarns.
  • Perform all the various tests automatically.

Performed activities

  • Machinery concept: analysis of the technical solutions available on the market and of the patented solutions.
  • Development of a proposal which allows to combine in a compact device the following types of tests:
    – Yarn breaking test (dynamometer testing)
    – Yarn hairiness test
    – Yarn regularity test
    – Measurement of the yarn count
    – Roving regularity test
  • Machine development and realisation, from mechanical design and electrical and pneumatic installations to the assembly and start of the device.
  • Following the first series of prototypes, a review of the project and optimisation was performed, which included:
    – New design of the mechanical part and software of the machine
    – Reconfiguration of the old prototypes and realisation and assembly of 5 new devices
    – Start and testing of the machine.
  • Development of control software for the device management.
  • Development of machine logic, HMI and internal machine database
  • Customer support service.

Goals achieved

  • The innovation of this machinery, compared to what is present on the market, is related to the possibility of handling different input threads performing parallel tests on different yarns.
  • The various measuring instruments are placed at different points of the machine to ensure the automatic positioning of each yarn to the relevant instrument.
  • Designing an ad hoc manipulator for the application, whose purpose is to withdraw the yarn from a machine input area and lead it to the various test zones (none of the robots on the market had the required features to be integrated in the machine).
  • Ability to remotely access the device trials database.
  • This way it is possible to access trials with no time/space limitations and perform a series of statistic analyses on the results, filtering them according to type of material, type of processing, type of machine that has produced them, etc.
  • Development of data management, their graphical representation, and trials report generation.
  • The innovative aspects of this device have permitted the customer to deposit patents at European level.

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