Automatic machine for filling, weighing and conveyoring trays of ravioli.

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Requirements and design specifications

  • Possibility to manage different types of ravioli pasta.
  • Possibility to manage different types of trays.
  • Reduce the number of operators to fill, weigh the ravioli and move the trays.
  • Increase and optimize the productivity of the entire production line.
  • Hw and Sw interface with the existing machines.
  • Remote programming and configuration of the production order.
  • Daily/Weekly planning of the production.
  • Interface with ERP.

Performed activities

  • Concept.
  • Design.
  • Realization (mechanical, electrical, assembly).
  • Control software development.
  • HMI development.
  • Start up.

Goals achieved

  • Able to manage 3 different types of trays.
  • Able to manage several dimensions of weigh of trays.
  • Able to manage 8 different types of ravioli pasta.
  • Machine developed with two entry point both for ravioli than for trays.
  • The outbound filled trays are organized in 3 lines for the packaging machine.
  • Zero pressure conveyors technology for trays transportation.
  • Automatic ravioli loading.
  • Automatic trays loading thanks to pneumatic denester (with a 1000 m tray buffer).
  • Automatic filling of the trays with high precision weighing.
  • Optimized distribution of the ravioli inside the tray.
  • Automatic loading of the filled tray in the packaging machine.
  • Development of a web application, erp interfaced, to add and configure the production order.
  • The same web application allows to program the daily/weekly machine production to optimize the work shifts and the machine workload.
  • Start of the production order from a touchscreen HMI.
  • Continuous monitoring of the production process and order completion.
  • Operator activities: load the trays in the denster and machine monitoring.
  • Rated capacity of the machine: 250 kg/h.
  •  Overall machine dimensions (BxLxH): 2m x 10m x 2.2m.

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