Transfer machine with rotating table for the assembly of mica parts on cylindrical bodies.

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Requirements and design specifications

  • The machine must ensure a high productivity
  • The machine must assemble different forms of mica parts
  • Possibility to set and menage different locking positions of the micas on the cylindrical body
  • Monitoring of the correct positioning of the all parts
  • Only one operator to use the machine
  • Minimize the operations of production technicians for refilling of the parts to be assembled

Performed activities

  • Concept.
  • Design.
  • Realization (mechanical, electrical, assembly, start).
  • Control software development.
  • HMI development.
  • Testing and installation.

Goals achieved

  • High productivity (1 product every 8 seconds).
  • Machine has a central rotating table with 10 spindles (with 2 working days) for the management of cylindrical bodies and 7 peripheral stations (with 2 working days), for assembling the mica components.
  • Only one operator to load the cylindrical body on the machine and to unload the assembled product.
  • Monitoring of the insertion force of the mica part.
  • Each station has a buffer for the mica parts; buffers can be replaced during the machine’s operating cycle.
  • Tracking of the assembly operations of each single component.
  • Auto-reset of the loading stations if the mica component is blocked.
  • According to Industry 4.0 and IoT, the information in the database can be accessed remotely for production analysis. Also the line operating status is viewable remotely.
  • Database query within the corporate network for production analysis.
  • HMI: interface developed ad hoc for application with synoptic chart of the line.
  • Overall dimensions 1,4m x 1,4m x 2,5m.

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