HDTF Water & Blood

Semi Automatic machines for testing hemodialysis filters.

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Requirements and design specifications

  • Automate the filter test procedure.
  • Testing procedure referred to the ISO 8637-1:2017 standard.
  • Increase the number of filters tested for each production batch.
  • REduce the required operator effort..
  • Test standardization..
  • Objectify filter quality.
  • Testing several types of filter.
  • Easy machine set-up.
  • Only for the blood device, easy replacement of the tubing connected to the blood chamber filter ports.

Performed activities

  • Concept.
  • Design.
  • Realization (mechanical, electrical, assembly, start).
  • Control software development.
  • HMI development.
  • Testing and installation.

Goals achieved

  • Production of n°2 machines
    • HDTF Water: Dialysis chamber testing machine
    • HDTF Blood: blood chamber testing machine
  • HDTF Water machine testing procedures
    • Priming
    • Dialysis pressure drop
    • Positive and negative pressure resistance
    • Fiber integrity
  • HDTF Blood machine testing procedures 
    • Priming
    • Blood pressure drop
  • The filter must be loaded and unloaded manually on the machine by the operator.
  • Each machine has 6 independent stations and for each one it is possible to set which tests to perform on the filters.
  • It’s possible to set only some of the tests that the machines are able to perform.
  • Thanks to some electric valves developed specifically for the application, the hydraulic circuit connected to the filter it’s possible to reconfigure itself automatically according to the test to be performed.
  • Electric valves clamp the pipe from the outside  using an electric motor; in this way, it is also possible to adjust the impedance of the hydraulic circuit.
  • Each machine has about 90 electric valves interconnected via CAN-open.
  • Each machine has a thermoregulated tank to heat the process fluid containers.
  • During the testing procedure, it is possible to view in real-time the characteristic curves of each single filter.
  • Each machine has an internal database to save all the tests performed in the stations.
  • According to Industry 4.0 and IoT,ca be remotely monitored the operating status of machine.
  • HMI: interface developed ad hoc for application with synoptic chart of the machine.
  • Overall dimensions  of each machine: 2,5m x 0,7m x 1,9m.

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