Development of a line for the quality control of circular electrical resistors, composed of a pallet conveyor system hosting the pieces to be controlled.

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Requirements and design specifications

  • The machine must ensure a high productivity: buffer input to the machine of 150 pcs.
  • The pieces must move between the various operating stations: the first station performs the measurements on the workpiece; the second station prints the serial and the third one picks up the component and takes it out of the line.
  • Each station is equipped with a vision system to orient the component in the correct manner according to the operation to be performed (measuring, printing or unloading).
  • Need to carry out checks on 100% of the pieces: the handling system picks up the component and discards it in case it is non-compliant.
  • Traceability of all products via serial and correlation with the measurements detected.

Performed activities

  • Concept.
  • Design.
  • Realization (mechanical, electrical, assembly, start).
  • Control software development.
  • HMI development.
  • Testing and installation.

Goals achieved

  • High productivity (1 product every 6 seconds).
  • High dynamics handling system picking up the piece and putting it on the output conveyor belt in case of conforming product or discarding it in the event of defective product.
  • Product traceability: ensured by an RFID read inside each station; each complying product is encoded with a serial and uniquely associated with the measurements of resistance detected; all information is saved in a database.
  • According to Industry 4.0 and IoT, the information in the database can be accessed remotely for production analysis. Also the line operating status is viewable remotely.
  • Database query within the corporate network for production analysis.
  • HMI: interface developed ad hoc for application with explanatory synoptic chart of the line.

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