End of line machine for quality testing of BLDC motors.

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Requirements and design specifications

  • Cycle time 400s.
  • Possibility to test two different types of motor.
  • Measure electrical (voltages, currens, resistence and inductances) and mechanical performance (torques).
  • Reduced overall dimensions of machine.
  • Software interface with supervisor system.
  • Development and supply the driver for BLDC motors.
  • Easy set-up (mechanichal and software) of machine.

Performed activities

  • Concept.
  • Design (mechanical, system, software, driver).
  • Realization (mechanical, electrical, assembly, start).
  • Automation software development.
  • Data acquisition and processing software development.
  • HMI development.
  • Customized driver development for BLDC motors .
  • Testing and installation.

Goals achieved

  • Cycle time for complete testing about 240s.
  • Machine with a single testing line and with mechanical interface for testing different types of motor.
  • Customized interchangeable joint with axial coupling for easy change of motor  type under testing.
  • Automatic recognition of motor type (data matrix reader).
  • Overall dimensions 1,4m x 1,4m x 2,5m.
  • HMI: ad hoc interface developement for the application with easy visualization of the test results.
  • Machine communication with supervisor software of line production for complete traceability of the motors.
  • Tests:
    • Cogging torque measurement.
    • Idle torque measurement.
    • Back E.M.F. measurement.
    • Hall sensor phase shift measurement.
    • Phase to phase resistance measurement.
    • Phase to phase inductance measurement.
    • No-load speed measurement.
    • Operative points (torque-speed).
    • Ke and Kt costants evaluation.
    • External motor temperature monitoring.


  • Machine feature:
    • Maximum power of BLDC motor 1.8kW.
    • Maximum applicable torque 1.7Nm.
    • Maximum speed 11000rpm.
    • Maximum measurable current 200A.
    • Maximum measurable voltage 100Vdc.
    • Maximum measurable torque 2Nm (range A).
    • Maximum measurable torque 0.4Nm (range B).


  • Note: it’s possible to customize the machine for customer BLDC motor.


The machine shown in this page has been developed for the Inproves project.


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