Vision System

Knowledge of vision systems and development of algorithms dedicated to implementation in automatic machines.

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  • Vision system for identifying objects inside a bin
  • Possibility of identifying different shape objects within the same bin
  • Locate unorder objects inside the bin
  • Finding objects based on a list in a database


Research activity

  • Development of 3D vision algorithms for
    • Identification of different shape objects
    • Identification of surfaces and edges of objects
    • Matching with a list of objects present in the db, using innovative algorithms
    • Development of a matching algorithm based on the Hough transform for occluded objects
  • Control of industrial robots based on the information acquired by the vision system (robot guidance)



  • Identification of the objects present on the scene
  • Identification of the type of objects present on the scene
  • Identification of objects also surmounted. Presence of occlusions
  • Identification of objects present on the scene and matching with those present in the user database


The 2D vision systems represent a valid solution to identify a specific feature in a product in a specific conditions/orientation.

This technology has been integrated into MDQUADRO projects/machines since the first years of activity. Specific algorithms have been developed for the applications and which allow, thanks to the strong integration with automation, to obtain very performing machines/devices.


Based on the research activities developed in the field of 3D vision, MDQUADRO has developed a sample device dedicated to the validation of the algorithms developed for bin picking operations.

The sample device consists in a small industrial robot to manipulate the products and a 3D industrial camera to analyze the scene in which the robot must operate (both the gripping area and the product release area).

The development of the vision software for the analysis of objects in a 3D environment, the robot control software and the product database, allow to optimize, by introducing the robot kinematics solution, the trajectories of the robot gripper according to the shape of the object and the gripping point.

The product release zone can be organized according to different criteria, such as:

  • product type;
  • product color;
  • product shape;
  • order arrangement;
  • random arrangement;
  • etc.

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