Design and development of electrical, penumatic and oleodynamic system.

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Mechatronic approach

The knowledge acquired in the field of automatic machines allows us to develop products and/or projects with a strong integration between the systems and the mechanic, in order to reduce the dimensions of the device but to guarantee, at the same time, the accessibility to the various areas of the machine.

In the initial stages of development of a new product/machine, MDQUADRO can provide technical support for identifying the type of system that best suits the customer’s application. Also with regard to the machine safety system, the MDQUADRO team is able to support the customer in the design and implementation of the circuit and safety devices that can guarantee the safety of the operator and the performance required of the machine/product.

MDQUADRO is able to provide turn key solutions.


  • Design and implementation of electrical system.
  • Design and implementation of machine safety system.
  • Design and implementation of pneumatic system.
  • Design and implementation of oleodynamic system.
  • Project documentation (scheme, BOM, etc.)

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