Design and development of customized robotic solutions tailored to the application.

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Mechatronic approach

The knowledge acquired in the mechatronic field allows us to develop highly integrated robotic solutions tailored to the specific application.

We are specialized in the synthesis and development of parallel, serial and cartesian kinematic robots. The kinematic configuration proposed for each individual project depends on different parameters, such as:

  • machine/plant productivity;
  • type of product to be handled;
  • weight of the product to be handled;
  • initial and final orientation of the product;
  • working volume.

In addition to the customized solutions, MDQUADRO is able to manage and implement commercial robots.


  • Define the best kinematic configuration for the application.
  • Kinematic synthesis of the manipulator.
  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis.
  • Define the actuation systems of robot.
  • Design and development of the manipulator gripping system.
  • Mechanical and plant design.
  • Software design and development.
  • Production and commissioning the manipulator.

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